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Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

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Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

Drama | History | War
8 / 10
Release Date
07 October 2016
2 : 20 minutes
Spoken Language
日本語, English
WWII American Army Medic Desmond T. Doss, who served during the Battle of Okinawa, refuses to kill people and becomes the first Conscientious Objector in American history to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Cast Overview :

Desmond T. Doss
by: Andrew Garfield
Captain Glover
by: Sam Worthington
Sergeant Howell
by: Vince Vaughn
Smitty Ryker
by: Luke Bracey
Dorothy Schuttle
by: Teresa Palmer
Tom Doss
by: Hugo Weaving
Bertha Doss
by: Rachel Griffiths
Lt. Manville
by: Ryan Corr
Colonel Stelzer
by: Richard Roxburgh
Milt 'Hollywood' Zane
by: Luke Pegler
Vito Rinnelli
by: Firass Dirani
Andy 'Ghoul' Walker
by: Goran D. Kleut
Harold Doss
by: Nathaniel Buzolic
Irv Schecter
by: Ori Pfeffer
Lt. Cooney
by: Matthew Nable
James Pinnick
by: Jacob Warner
Randall "Teach" Fuller
by: Richard Pyros
Grease Nolan
by: Ben Mingay
Henry Brown
by: Harry Greenwood
Ralph Morgan
by: Damien Thomlinson
Colonel Sangston
by: Robert Morgan
Lucky Ford
by: Milo Gibson
Private Schulenburg
by: John Batziolas
Corporal Cannon
by: John Cannon
Private Giles
by: Mikael Koski
Private Webb
by: Charles Jacobs
Corporal Jessop
by: Ben O'Toole
by: James Lugton
Local Man
by: Tim McGarry
Lynchburg Doctor
by: Tyler Coppin
Sergeant Amos
by: Dennis Kreusler
Wal Kirzinski
by: Nico Cortez
by: Helmut Bakaitis
General Musgrove
by: Bill Young
Captain Daniels
by: Benedict Hardie
by: Philip Quast
by: James Mackay
96th Soldier Bob
by: Sam Parsonson
by: Sean Lynch
Wounded Private Blake
by: Hayden Geens
Soldier Hank
by: Tim Potter
Soldier Carl
by: Santo Tripodi
Head Doctor
by: Laurence Brewer
Japanese Officer
by: Nobuaki Shimamoto
Japanese Hanging Soldier
by: Hiroshi Kasuga
Rescued Japanese Soldier
by: Yuki Nagashima
Japanese Sniper
by: Taki Abe
Reacting Japanese Soldier
by: Taka Uematsu
Japanese General
by: Yoji Tatsuta
Billy Bob (uncredited)
by: Milan Pulvermacher
Stretcher Bearer
by: Thomas Unger

Member Reviews :

Out of all the films nominated for best picture, there is one that isn’t getting much attention at all. In Hacksaw Ridge, the narrative surrounding the film doesn’t have much to do the film at all because it’s identity seems to be centered on Mel Gibson’s comeback. Read More:
I first saw Hacksaw Ridge, back in November when it first came out.. Went to an afternoon screening and it was packed. From the very first scene to the last , I was in awe. This is the best movie I have seen in a long time. The last 30 minutes of the film, I had tears rolling down my cheeks. After it ended, it got a 5 minute standing ovation. Braveheart is my all time favourite movie and have seen it over 200 times., but this might just be my new favourite movie. I have seen it 6 times now, and cried every time. It is such an emotional film. The story of the HERO Desmond Doss is truly inspiring.Thank you Mel Gibson and Desmond Doss Jr. for letting us know more about this remarkable man. Hugo Weaving was robbed of an Oscar nomination. Andrew Garfield blew my away with his performance and it is Vince Vaughn's best performance as well. It is the best film of 2016.
**On the battlefront, his intention was to save the lives.** The film was awesome, mainly because of the good message it carried out. That's not it, the film was well made with the wonderful cast and their great performances. The special effects were top notch, as well as the location where the majority of the second half takes place. This is a US-Australian co-production. Mel Gibson returned to the director's chair with a bang after exactly a decade. It got six Oscars nominees, so let's wait and see how many awards it grabs. It was the World War II theme, based on a real person and events. It tells the story of an American youngster named Desmond Doss, who joins the army to contribute to his nation. But for his religious point of view, he struggles during the training. After managing to make through, the remaining film focused to reveal his bravery on the battlefield against the Japanese armed forces at Okinawa in a place called Hacsaw Ridge. The story was based on one of the ten commandments. Doss, who strongly believes in that carries the same ideology to the combat zone. But all the initial part of the film reflects why he is very on to it. Especially after a fight with his brother in his childhood, followed by saving a severely injured man in a road accident just before deciding to join the army. So it is like both, a war film, as well as an anti-war theme. Most importantly, it tells us the bravery of a man, like of something Gandhi in the battlefield. He did it in what he had believed, but my perspective differs. I liked the film, as a biopic and the message it delivered. Very entertaining too, but when it comes to Doss' belief, I think it was flawed. In the first place he would have not joined the army if he's true to the commandment. That's the basic rule of the commandment if one wants to adopt it. He was just one of the unique person with such idea and luckily succeeded following it in a hostile situation. Only if you think all his episodes from an atheist perspective, that's how you would feel. One of the major reasons for that is, when he saves his men by letting his enemy die. But appreciable effort, at least from the Americans perspective. A true hero for his nation. One of the best war films ever. Instead of saying a must see film, I would say don't miss it. _7.5/10_