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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

The following film has been approved for all audiences by the independant film rating association of america


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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

Action | Adventure | Science Fiction
7.5 / 10
Release Date
14 December 2016
2 : 13 minutes
Spoken Language
A rogue band of resistance fighters unite for a mission to steal the Death Star plans and bring a new hope to the galaxy.

Cast Overview :

Jyn Erso
by: Felicity Jones
Captain Cassian Andor
by: Diego Luna
Director Orson Krennic
by: Ben Mendelsohn
Chirrut Imwe
by: Donnie Yen
Galen Erso
by: Mads Mikkelsen
by: Alan Tudyk
Bodhi Rook
by: Riz Ahmed
Baze Malbus
by: Jiang Wen
Saw Gerrera
by: Forest Whitaker
Bail Organa
by: Jimmy Smits
Mon Mothma
by: Genevieve O'Reilly
Grand Moff Tarkin
by: Guy Henry
Darth Vader (voice)
by: James Earl Jones
Darth Vader
by: Spencer Wilding
Darth Vader
by: Daniel Naprous
Lyra Erso
by: Valene Kane
Senator Jebel
by: Jonathan Aris
Senator Vaspar
by: Fares Fares
Senator Pamlo
by: Sharon Duncan-Brewster
by: Anthony Daniels
by: Jimmy Vee
Gold Leader Dutch Vander
by: Angus MacInnes
Red Leader Garven Dreis
by: Drewe Henley
Wedge Antilles
by: David Ankrum
General Dodonna
by: Ian McElhinney
Dr. Evazan
by: Michael Smiley
by: Warwick Davis
Princess Leia Organa
by: Ingvild Deila
Admiral Raddus (voice)
by: Stephen Stanton
Admiral Raddus
by: Paul Kasey
General Draven
by: Alistair Petrie
General Merrick
by: Ben Daniels
General Hurst Romodi
by: Andy de la Tour
Captain Pterro
by: Tony Pitts
Lieutenant Sefla
by: Babou Ceesay
Blue Squadron
by: Simon Farnaby
Blue Squadron
by: Geraldine James
Blue Squadron
by: Ariyon Bakare
Blue Eight
by: Toby Hefferman
Sergeant Melshi
by: Duncan Pow
by: Daniel Mays
Jav Mefran
by: Francis Magee
by: Martin Gordon
Lieutenant Mytus Adema
by: Jack Roth
Lieutenant Frobb
by: Geoff Bell
Corporal Tonc
by: Jordan Stephens
by: Ian Whyte
Death Star Technician
by: Rian Johnson
by: Ned Dennehy
by: Angus Cook
by: Emeson Nwolie
X-Wing Pilot
by: Jorge Leon Martinez
X-Wing Pilot
by: Russell Balogh
by: Nick Kellington
by: Derek Arnold
Edrio Two Tubes
by: Aidan Cook
Vault Officer
by: Steen Young
Rebel Marine Commander
by: Tyrone Love
Rebel Marine on Yavin
by: Attila G. Kerekes
Imperial Officer
by: Sam Hanover
Commi Tech / Marine Soldier
by: Mac Pietowski
Young Jyn
by: Beau Gadsdon
Younger Jyn
by: Dolly Gadsdon
Death Star technician
by: Ram Bergman
Rebel MP
by: Bronson Webb
Hammerhead Captain
by: Angus Wright
by: Katie Sheridan
by: Terri Douglas
by: Vanessa Lengies
by: Vanessa Marshall
by: Verona Blue
by: Dave Filoni
by: David Boat
by: David Cowgill
by: David Sobolov
by: Eugene Byrd
by: Fred Tatasciore
by: James Arnold Taylor
by: Julian Stone
by: Matthew Wood
by: Michael Giacchino
by: Robin Atkin Downes
by: Samuel Witwer
by: Tom Kane
by: Tony Gilroy
by: Yuri Lowenthal
by: Alexi Melvin
by: Christian Simpson
by: Christopher Scarabosio
by: David Acord
by: Flora Miller
by: John Gilroy
by: John S. Schwartz
by: Jonathan Dixon
by: Karen Huie
by: Kevin Hickman
by: Lex Lang
by: Michael Donovan
by: Orly Schuchmacher
by: Steve Bardrack
by: Tom Harrison-Read
by: William M. Patrick

Member Reviews :

"It carries the burden of being about odds and stakes, of legacies and consequences, of understanding destiny..." Read the full review here:
Is not my new favourite _Star Wars_ movie. But does contain my new favourite _Star Wars_ scene. _Final rating:★★★½ - I strongly recommend you make the time._
Fun Star Wars movie. Plenty of homages and nods to the original trilogy throughout the film, Andy plenty of cameos as well. Has amazing action sequences and enough thrills to keep any true Star Wars fan hooked right from the beginning. No opening crawl at the start for a change and a great score by Michael Giachinno, but still includes the original end credits with John Williams' original music. K-2SO is a show stealer and is very funny as a character. Overall the best Star Wars film since Empire Strikes Back in my opinion. The force is with this one.
On the surface, this is a well-made action movie set within the Star Wars universe filled with nods and homages to "A New Hope" that will make you tingle with warm nostalgia. The reappearance of sets, costumes and characters from our favorite childhood movies might make you say "Now, THIS is a Star Wars movie!" However, nostalgia and making copious amounts of money on that nostalgia seemed to be Disney's primary strategy with this movie. It's mimicry, plain and simple. The CGI recreations of Peter Cushing and Carrie Fisher felt very dirty and a flagrant disrespect to the departed actors, not to mention jarring, for a first time viewer. The digital appearance of Grand Moff Tarkin disengaged me from the frail story and made me settle my stomach with a handful of antacid tablets. The story, writing, characterization is on-par with what you'd expect from modern cinema and the movie serves it's primary purpose of being entertaining. But, as a long-time Star Wars fan, I just couldn't help but feeling pandered to while watching this movie.
Oups! I just realized that, for some reason, this movie had fallen between the cracks. It was quite some time since I watched it but I seem to have forgotten to write a post about it. For me this was one of the best of the new (after the original trilogy) Star Wars movies. It was fun, entertaining with plenty of good, old-fashioned Star Wars action. I generally do not like prequels but this time I felt it was nice to get a bit of the background to the statement that “a number of spies died to get this information” in episode IV. We were even provided with a bit of an explanation as to why the Death Star had this silly weakness in the first place. The actors were doing a decent enough job of it. The chatty android was fun without being totally silly. It was a nice roller coaster ride of action, improvisations, and gung ho ludicrous stunts inside and outside of various forms of transportation means. As usual with Star Wars the science part of science fiction is somewhat lacking. What looks cool is what is put on the screen and screw science. When reading books I am more sensitive to such things but for a Star Wars movie it works well enough. Some people seem to be dissecting the characters and dialogue, trying to put logic into it as well as wanting to have more emotions and “character development”. Come on! It is a Star Wars movie. It is supposed to be all action and visually stunning. On that this movie delivers. Sure the plot is not really the most developed one and has plenty of faults. The movie is till a hugely fun Star Wars based science romp though.
  Per Gunnar Jonsson
**The episode III½.** So this is like a bridge between the original trilogy and the next three prequels. A story where the main characters from the original tale are not involved. Being a big fan of this franchise, I loved it. I did not expect big, so got entertained well. But pity that this wonderful characters are not going to return. This is just a one-off film. For seeing its overwhelming success, there could be a prequel, which has a very very slim chance. The story was like that had started in a half way. That's why I wanted a prequel to tell us the Galen Erso's point of view story. When he has been taken back to the base to work for the Empire, his daughter is the only one who escapes from there. After a few years later the grown- up daughter, Jyn, end up on the rebel's side. When she hints a plan for them to strike the Empire, nobody considers it. But a rogue gang forms where they all does according to her saying. That's the story, and how it all ends are the rest. The story was simple, but the action-adventures were good. Like what a 'Star Wars' fans want to see. The main drawback was there's no familiar faces around. Even the original franchise style of title and credit presentation was off the beat. Though there were cameos. Darth Vade, Princess Leia, R2D2 and 3PO, including a small lightsabre fight at the end, just to satisfy the fanboys. Overall a worthy film, otherwise it would have not earned one billion at the box office, making one of the top 10 of all time. _8/10_