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Allied (2016)

The following film has been approved for all audiences by the independant film rating association of america


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Allied (2016)

Action | Drama | War | Romance | Thriller
6.6 / 10
Release Date
17 November 2016
2 : 4 minutes
Spoken Language
العربية, English, Français, Deutsch
In 1942, an intelligence officer in North Africa encounters a female French Resistance fighter on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. When they reunite in London, their relationship is tested by the pressures of war.

Cast Overview :

Max Vatan
by: Brad Pitt
Marianne Beauséjour
by: Marion Cotillard
Frank Heslop
by: Jared Harris
S.O.E. Official
by: Simon McBurney
Bridget Vatan
by: Lizzy Caplan
Guy Sangster
by: Matthew Goode
Emmanuel Lombard
by: Anton Lesser
by: August Diehl
by: Camille Cottin
by: Charlotte Hope
Mrs. Sinclair
by: Marion Bailey
Paul Delamare
by: Thierry Frémont
Anna Vatan
by: Raffey Cassidy
by: Xavier de Guillebon
German Officer Anfe Cafe
by: Michael McKell
by: Raphael Acloque
by: Christian Rubeck
Marianne's Friend
by: Russell Balogh
Soldier at Party
by: Paul Longley
RAF Officer
by: Freddie Stewart
George Kavanagh
by: Daniel Betts
by: Sally Messham
by: Celeste Dodwell
by: Vincent Latorre
by: Phillipe Spall
by: Raphael Desprez
by: Éric Théobald
by: Ami Metcalf
Lt. James Fletcher
by: Iain Batchelor
by: Angus Kennedy
French Girl - Dieppe
by: Angelique Joan
The German Ambassador
by: Anton Blake
by: Lukas Johne
Hendon Gate Guard
by: Chris Reilly
Captain Adam Hunter
by: Josh Dylan
Bohemian Man (uncredited)
by: Lasco Atkins
Dancer (uncredited)
by: Billy Burke
German Officer (uncredited)
by: Tom Dab
German Officer (uncredited)
by: Jonathan Cass
Pub Goer / Singer (uncredited)
by: Laraine Dix
Madame Petite (uncredited)
by: Vikki Edwards
German Soldier (uncredited)
by: Sternkiker François
Special Agent (uncredited)
by: Sorcha Garavan
Hazel (uncredited)
by: Cecilia Gragnani
Vichy French Air Force Officer (uncredited)
by: Jason Grangier
Amputee Hospital Patient (uncredited)
by: Roman Green
Sailor (uncredited)
by: Shane Griffin
Newspaper Man (uncredited)
by: Michael Haydon
RMP Sergeant (uncredited)
by: Richard Hills Jr.
Distinguished Home Guard (uncredited)
by: Ty Hurley
Female Geek (uncredited)
by: Sophie Karl
RAF Motorcyclist (uncredited)
by: Ben Laumann
Moroccan Embassy Man (uncredited)
by: Saif Lone
French Soldier (uncredited)
by: Tiar Lounis
Agent Hicks (uncredited)
by: Jason Matthewson
R.A.F Police Officer (uncredited)
by: Christopher McMullen
Max's Non-Uniformed Friend (uncredited)
by: Peter Meyer
Nurse at Desk (uncredited)
by: Claire Richardson
Midwife (uncredited)
by: Sophie Shad
French Girl (uncredited)
by: Marinelly Vaslon
Girl Walking Through Glass (uncredited)
by: Evie Wray
Young Sailor (uncredited)
by: Jake Wyatt
German Soldier (uncredited)
by: Miroslav Zaruba

Member Reviews :

**Marriage made in the field never work!** This is definitely among the top five films of the year. But the sad part is the Oscars snub. Nominated for Costume Design, but I expected the Best Actor, Actress, and particularly Original Screenplay and Motion Picture. This amazing spy thriller-drama was directed by Robert Zemeckis of many popular flicks. The best casting in the recent films and visually so good of those 40s atmosphere, like it be the war or the society. This is the story of two spies from different nation who meet in Casablanca for a mission. Pretending to be a newly wed couple, soon they enter the real wedlock. The rest of the tale follows a couple of years later when a big question arises, in that they have to prove their innocence. Failing it could lead them to a serious consequence. So the narration filled with suspense and thriller takes over with a greater pace till the end. Obviously the film was long, but I did not mind or I could say I did not know how the two hours went on so quickly. Engaging plot kept me my focus on the screen. As we know, all these years the Oscars turned down the best performance recognitions, including this one for Brad. Before going to watch this film, I thought it was another World War II film which might be inspired by the real. But it was not. Takes place in the background of the same war, but this is a spy film. And their personal life and profession, how one another influences is what revealed. Now I don't know when such kind of a great spy thriller I'm going to watch next. I think it is massively underrated, especially stupid film critics and their takes on it was unbelievably wrong. I surely, highly recommend it. _9/10_