Regardless of the industry, business marketing differs from 20, 10, or even 5 years ago. This is, of course, the case for law firms. It used to be that you competed for the top spots on the Yellow Pages.

Today, the Internet has revolutionized how clients find and choose their attorneys, with far-reaching consequences. The implications for a law firm are significant. While controlling and knowing what is said by word of mouth is impossible, the information your potential customers can find online is completely under your control. As with any field of activity, Digital Marketing or law firm marketing services can seem complex for a neophyte.

But the key is always the same: break down the essential elements that make up your company’s digital footprint.

Management Of A Lawyer’s Reputation

Lawyers today found themselves in a similar situation to hotels a decade ago. Indeed, word of mouth has moved from private conversations to the Internet, online and public. They experience the spread of online reviews and, as a result, become concerned about a possible impact on their turnover. Hotels, like restaurants, have learned to live with it. The best ones even manage to take advantage of online reviews.

Facing The Inevitable

Admittedly, no online review system is perfect. But the reputation ecosystem helps consumers and customers cross-reference opinions and judgments. We thus have all the information to make a well-considered decision to choose who to trust for our legal needs. 2/3 of users are more likely to hire a lawyer with online reviews, and that’s even 81% of users aged 18-35.

Other research shows that 88% of people trust online reviews as much as recommendations from personal contacts. This is why, as a lawyer, you must recognize the inevitability of this trend and seize it as an opportunity.

It is also important to recognize that every lawyer, even the best, most attentive, empathetic, and exceptional, may receive a negative opinion. Fearing negative reviews can lead to paralysis and an inability to adapt to this significant change. Law is an uncertain business, dealing with stressful issues where success often means getting the least bad result possible. And customers, being human, sometimes struggle with unreasonable expectations.

Over time and given sufficient review volume, the overall tenor of a practice’s reviews should paint an accurate picture. But any criticism given can largely miss the mark. Accepting this reality in digital marketing for lawyers is the first step in managing your online reputation. Well-crafted reputation management strategies help lawyers anticipate the potential damage of a bad one.

In addition, they generally create a positive dynamic in terms of how potential clients perceive your practice.

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