The law firms in San Antonio help you in various lawsuits, be it criminal, civil or related to immigration and citizenship. The experienced team of lawyers comprehends how stressful it is to face such legal proceedings. They will make you understand the basic structure of immigration law in the US. You can fall under four types of immigration, but a criminal charge can complicate the process. The applicable variables can make a difference in the immigration appeal. The four kinds of immigrants are; citizens, residents, on-immigrants and undocumented.

US citizens 

These individuals are either born within the US territory or naturalized after three to five years of permanent residency. These people are never expelled unless their citizenship was procured through unlawful means. If you fall under this category, you are entitled to all government aid and apply for citizenship for your spouse, child, and parents.

Permanent Residents

An individual holding a green card is termed a Legal Permanent Resident (LPRs). An immigration lawyer in San Antonio can help you to apply for a green card which gives you the right to work and permanently live in the US. The government grant a permanent residence card, commonly referred to as Green Card. The government permits you to reside depending on several grounds; mostly, the person is sponsored by the employer or family members. Or you could apply as a migrant or on other humanitarian considerations. If there is no one to sponsor you, then you could subsidize yourself.

Conditional Residents

If you receive a green card before two years of marriage, you need to file a petition jointly to remove the condition. Otherwise, the green card may be terminated, and you face the risk of deportation. You need to fill out Form I-751to submit a petition requesting to remove the condition, with proper documentation and fee. The application must be submitted within ninety days of the termination of the conditional residence status. Petition prior to ninety days may be rejected. Non-submission of Form I-751 before two year marriage anniversary terminates the green card and conditional residency status. The lawyers help you to file the petition with relevant evidence and fee within the specified timeframe to validate the status.

Both types of residents have the legal right to work and stay in the US unless convicted of grave criminal offenses or violation of immigration rules. If you have been a permanent resident for five years or more, you can apply for naturalized US citizenship. But if you receive a green card due to marriage to a US citizen, you can file the petition after three years. It does not imply green card will be autonomously converted into citizenship. If you have legal issues and did not pay taxes or child support, discuss the matter with an immigration lawyer before filing the petition.


Individuals with a student visa (F-1), tourists or business (B1/B2), fiancée (K1) or people with temporary protected status can stay for a specific time. These individuals do not intend to immigrate but staying beyond the specified time turns the status into undocumented. People living in the country without a valid visa are called undocumented.

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