Following a crash, you need some documents to help prove your case. You need to properly document your accident to have a strong claim. Proper documentation gives direct evidence of damages and fault. Records of your accident can prove the physical injury you sustained, any psychological impacts suffered, and missed workdays. These records will help you get maximum compensation. If you have been a car crash victim, you must put together the following documents:

Police Report

The official police report documents the date, time, and location of your car accident. Once notified about your crash, emergency responders and police will go to the crash scene and create a report that you can access after a few days. This report can include a police officer’s observation of the crash and proof of how a driver violated traffic laws. The police report also contains information such as the identity of the officer, drivers’ names, and their insurance information. 


Accident scene photos can offer important information such as injuries, car damage, license plates, the parties involved, car locations, and the direction the cars were going in. Orange County personal injury lawyers will use photographic evidence to understand what occurred. Also, an insurance adjuster will use this evidence when assessing a claim. If it is impossible for you to take photos at the crash scene, you may be able to get photos from other parties such as tow truck drivers and first responders. 

Medical Records

Car accidents can lead to serious injuries. Usually, compensation or medical expenses is the biggest part of an accident claim. This is the reason you should be able to present medical records and bills as evidence of your injury and accident. Your bills should cover ambulance expenses, doctor visits medical treatment, therapies, emergency room or hospital visits, and others.  Your medical records should include laboratory reports, test results, and medical scans. These records will prove a crash was the direct cause of your injury and determine the amount of compensation you should get. 

Car Insurance Policy

Your lawyer will need your insurance policy to get information such as your coverage. If you end up being a victim of a driver who does not have enough coverage or none at all, you can recover compensation through your policy if you suffered severe injuries. 

Employment-Related Documents

For you to be compensated for lost wages, you need to provide documents such as pay stubs and proof of days off. Also, you may need records that can show that your resulting injuries make it impossible for you to fulfill your job obligations. 

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