A tax attorney is a professional who deals with and defends tax matters. Tax law or income tax is an area of law where official or private bodies, including state, county, and municipal governments, use a uniform body of laws and methods to compute and collect taxes from citizens in a lawful context. Tax law differs in every state because of differences in state tax law, resulting in wide variation in tax rates, obligations, and practices among local governments. Individual states have their own unique systems, while the IRS, national tax administration, and state tax finance departments generally operate under uniform state tax laws. Tax attorneys are legal professionals who can advise and represent taxpayers on matters of tax law, particularly those dealing with federal tax law.

Taxation is a term that is commonly used but not understood. ” taxed” and “taxation” are two very different things. The word “tax” is actually a Latin phrase meaning “to seize.” A tax is a sum of money that is owed by an individual or organization to the government in return for the right to receive some kind of tax benefit. These benefits are granted for a number of reasons, including purchasing real estate, writing checks, receiving financial aid, receiving inheritances, paying child support, and many others.

A tax lawyer provides legal advice and assistance to taxpayers about their tax debts and their ability to repay them. They also determine whether the taxpayer’s tax debt is valid, and the extent to which it should be resolved. In addition to providing advice and guidance about tax debts, tax lawyers also assist clients in defending tax liens against governmental assertion and tax lawsuits.

Tax attorneys are licensed by the Texas State Board of Equalization and are expected to be knowledgeable in tax matters as well as criminal charges and civil remedies. These professionals are expected to practice before the state’s Tax Assessor’s Office and also before the Tax Tribunal of Texas. Tax attorneys can be very helpful when it comes time to settle a tax debt or to fight an assessment against a client. When a tax debt is due to federal taxation, there are a few options for tax preparation before the assessment can be issued.

Attorneys can provide valuable tax legal assistance in resolving a tax lien or property tax liability. If a client owes tax debt and the Assessor has determined that the tax amount is legally collectible, the attorney will obtain a temporary restraining order from the court. The order prohibits the tax lien holder from collecting the tax from a specified date. Once this occurs, the attorney will become involved in drafting the appropriate tax settlement agreement to resolve the case.

Tax attorneys are also very useful when preparing and filing a tax return. If the taxpayer is confused about certain tax laws or statutes, the professional can also provide guidance on other legal issues not related to tax treatment. Examples include estate planning, conflicts between tax law and corporate law, issues regarding self-employed individuals, and issues dealing with tax burdens. For more information on tax law, estate planning, and other legal issues, contact a licensed tax attorney.

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