Following a car accident that has caused serious injuries, it can be hard to think straight. Unfortunately, a bunch of car, truck, and commercial vehicle cases are reported in Illinois every year.  Victims do not get the justice they deserve, even when an accident has resulted in wrongful death. If you want to file a car accident lawsuit, the statute of limitations in Illinois gives a time frame of two years. However, this doesn’t apply to car insurance claims. This means that if you want to inform the insurance company and file for a claim, you have to do that within a few days. 

If you don’t want to deal with all of that, or have no experience of personal injury claims, hiring a Rockford auto accident lawyer may be a wise idea. 

Knowing your claim’s worth

Note that a “comparative fault” rule applies in the state of Illinois. This means that if you share a part of the blame in the accident, this may impact what you get in compensation. In case your injuries are minor and you don’t have too many losses, you may skip the claim in the first place. To know your claim’s worth, talking to an attorney is important. They can guide you on the possible outcomes of the lawsuit and what you can expect in terms of compensation. 

Dealing with the insurance company

Insurance companies like to reduce their liability, and given their expertise and legal resources at disposal, they often restore to different tactics. One of the key reasons to hire an auto accident lawyer is to deal with the insurance company. This is even more important when there is a commercial truck or vehicle involved. Your attorney will do what it takes to prove the fault of their client, so that you can get a fair and just compensation. 

Handling the paperwork

From gathering evidence, talking to witnesses, to dealing with the paperwork, it is wise to hire a reliable auto accident lawyer for your case. They can ensure that you don’t make mistakes that can cost your claim. 

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