After a serious accident, you may have various damages coming your way, including medical bills, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, etc. If another motorist has caused your injuries, the law allows you to seek monetary damages from the at-fault driver. The amount you receive is based on the facts of your case and the evidence you present. 

You cannot control other drivers on the road, but you can certainly control the way you respond to the crash. Work with an experienced louisville injury attorney to recover the maximum compensation possible. 

How to get the best compensation for your car accident injury 

  • Have a specific settlement amount in mind. 

When working on your personal injury claim with your attorney in Louisville, decide on a settlement range amount you would be willing to accept. However, make sure you do not reveal this number to the insurance adjuster. This is just to help you have a bottom line in mind. If they offer more, you can accept the offer; if they offer less, you can make a counteroffer. 

  • Gather evidence at the scene. 

If you are physically able to do so, walk around the accident scene and look for evidence. The accident site is full of evidence. First of all, take pictures of everything, including the vehicles, injuries, skid marks on the road, traffic lights, potholes, if any, etc. Remember to exchange information with the other parties involved and eyewitnesses. 

  • Explain why the offer is inadequate. 

When you receive a lower offer from the insurance company that is not enough to cover your damages, you must not accept it. However, instead of simply rejecting their offer with no explanation, tell them the reasons for rejection. Explain to them that your damages are greater than the amount offered and that it won’t be enough to cover the losses. This shows that you are committed to getting the compensation. 

  • Get the adjuster to justify their lower offers. 

If the insurance company emphasizes a lower offer, instead of simply rejecting, ask them to justify why they think the amount is enough. Make notes of the conversation and write a proper response by referring to each point the insurance company has made. You may even lower your demand if the adjuster’s points are strong. 

The goal is to seek compensation that is enough to cover your damages. Anything less than that can cause financial strains. The next time you meet or speak with the insurance company, ask them to respond to your reply letter and then make a reasonable offer. 

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