Are you going through a divorce? Maybe you’ve been arrested and need to prove your case. You could simply need help with estate planning. There are a variety of reasons you may need a lawyer during your lifetime, so it is important to understand how to hire the right one to meet your legal needs.

Determine What Type of Lawyer You Need

There are many different types of attorneys. Some only specialize in one type of law. Some attorneys, such as those at Tully Rinckey Law, provide legal services for various types of law. When choosing your lawyer, ensure they are experienced in the type of legal aid you need This could mean you need a bankruptcy lawyer, criminal lawyer, or family lawyer.

Seek Out Lawyers To Consider Hiring

The best way to find the right lawyer is through personal referrals. Talk to your family members or friends who have needed the same type of lawyer as you and ask for their recommendations. If you aren’t in a position to ask around, you can also use online services. Online lawyer searches let you search by expertise, location, and more. Then, you’ll answer case-related questions and provide your contact information. Remember to check online reviews to ensure the lawyer you choose is a respectable one.

Compare Costs

Every lawyer charges their clients differently. Legal services can become quite costly, so it’s important to find a lawyer who discusses costs with you during the initial consultation. The attorney you choose should be able to examine the facts of your case and provide a general estimate of the costs of services, including how and when you’re expected to make payments.

Talk To Your Local Bar Association

When you narrow it down to a few lawyers you’re interested in, contact your local bar association about them. State bar associations maintain public records that will show you whether the attorneys you’re interested in have ever received disciplinary action or complaints. The bar association can also provide free referral services that help you find the right attorney to meet your needs.

Interview Each Lawyer

You should have a small list of lawyers you’re interested in by now, so it’s time to interview them. As you talk to each prospect, consider their personality, how they communicate, and their expertise. Do you feel like your personalities mesh well, or was the interview awkward and uncomfortable? Think about how well you mesh with each lawyer.

Communication is important as well. How often will your lawyer update you about your legal situation? Will they call you or should you look for emails? If you have questions, will your lawyer answer? Ask these questions during your interview to find out whether your communication needs will be met.

Finally, remember expertise. If you work with a law firm that provides a range of services, ensure the individual lawyer you work with has experience with your type of case.

Factor in the Legal Team

Keep in mind that working with a law firm like Tully Rinckey means you may have more than one lawyer handling your case. Some firms also hire paralegals. While it’s not a bad thing to work with more than one person, it’s important to know who will be handling your case. This way, you can ensure it’s in good hands and know who you will communicate with.

Understanding who you’re communicating with, which type of lawyer you need, and how you’ll pay for the legal services are all important parts of learning how to hire the right lawyer to meet your legal needs. Even so, it’s also important to go with your gut feeling. Choose the lawyer who makes you feel the best about your case both on and off paper.

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