We have all heard of the Green Card or “green card, ” but do you know exactly what it corresponds to? This is a precious sesame: a permanent resident card allowing you to move and work freely on American territory without applying for a visa. This card gives you the same rights as a US citizen, except the right to vote

What Is The Green Card?

The Green Card with SimVisa for example is a permanent resident card in the United States. It is an identification document for non-US citizens issued by the US Department of State. The Green Card gives you the same rights and duties as an American citizen and facilitates your life as an expatriate in the USA. As a US citizen, you must follow the law and pay taxes. Nevertheless, some privileges are reserved only for American citizens, such as the right to vote or the possibility of serving as a juror. Similarly, unlike nationals who are not required to have an identity document on them, your permanent resident card must not leave you to be able to show it at any time in the event of an identity check.

The Green Card gives you the right to stay and exercise a professional activity or study on American territory, but not only! Thanks to your permanent resident card, it will be easier for you to apply for university scholarships for your children. Even if you don’t get a scholarship, your permanent resident status entitles you to much lower university tuition. The Green Card also entitles you to credits at a preferential rate. This permanent resident card is also the sesame which allows you to obtain American nationality. Indeed, after 5 years of holding the Green Card, you can start the process to apply for nationality. This period can be reduced to 3 years in certain cases.

So, as US citizens, you must pay federal taxes, state and city taxes where you reside, and local taxes. You must also declare all of your income in the United States. In other words, you must report the capital gains you earn from your US and foreign investments for income tax purposes. Young men between 18 and 26 who hold Green cards are also obliged to register for military service.

Employer Sponsorship

Work is one of the keys to success in the United States, which is also confirmed by the Green Card. Indeed, it is possible that an employer sponsors your application for a green card. In this case, it must be demonstrated that the candidate is the only one qualified for the position stipulated by the job offer and that his recruitment will not hurt the American labor market. For this, a Labor Certification verification is carried out by the Department of Labor through the PERM or labor certification procedure.

Once this certification is obtained, the employer begins the Green Card application procedures. To do this, he completes the I-129 form, attaches all the documents necessary for a Green Card application, and presents the file to the USCIS, which studies it. If the case is approved, USCIS provides the employer with Form I-797, which certifies that the request is granted. It only remains for the candidate to adjust his situation if he is already on American territory, or to start an immigration visa application if he is still abroad. Once this application is validated, he becomes a permanent resident of the United States.

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