If you’re thinking of hiring a business lawyer, then you need to first establish the criteria you’re looking for. What do you want or need in good business lawyers in Melbourne, and what should you expect from them? The best way of establishing the answers to these questions is to use the free or low-cost initial session business lawyers will offer you to ask some important questions of your own. These queries that you put to various business lawyers in Melbourne will help you to rate each contender along the scale of your criteria. Here are some good questions to get you started.  

1. What Kind of Experience Do You Have?

While business law is a subcategory of general law, things can be narrowed down even further than that based on what experience business lawyers in Melbourne have had. Do they have expertise in anything within business law? Intellectual property perhaps, or contracts? Or are they generalists who can help you with any aspect of business law? This is important to establish, because if you want business lawyers in Melbourne for the long haul, you might need a firm that can do everything relating to business law. Whereas, if you just need help with one isolated issue at the present time, you might pick a lawyer with specific expertise in the area you need help with.

What’s Your Court Experience Like?

If some of your motivation for hiring a business lawyer involves litigation issues, then you need to know if your business lawyers in Melbourne can perform in court. Ask whether they have taken on and won any cases that are similar to yours. Ask what they think your chances are of winning, and whether there could be any other possible ways of settling the disagreement out of court. If your business lawyers are great mediators and persuasive communicators, you may well save yourself some court fees.

Who is On Your Team?

When talking about large firms of business lawyers in Melbourne, you may find that in addition to the lead lawyer, there are a number of team members working on your case. It’s worthwhile knowing who these people are and how qualified they are. You may find paralegals or younger lawyers doing the bulk of the work, but if this is true, you might be able to negotiate a lower fee.

What Are Your Fees?

This is a question you don’t want to skip over, even if it feels a bit uncomfortable asking it. Fees are a practical part of receiving the services of business lawyers in Melbourne, so it’s good business practice to ask about them. Some business lawyers who cater for start-ups with lower budgets may have a sliding scale of fees, or payment plan options, but you just don’t know until you ask. Also, as stated above, don’t assume that the most experienced lawyer will be doing all the work on your case. If less experienced lawyers will do a lot of the work, you could have grounds for a lower fee.

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