If a couple decides to part ways and end their marriage, one of the things they may consider is whether or not to hire a Sylvania divorce lawyer. The answer will depend on their particular situation. Generally, if a couple can solve their issues without going to court, they can have a smooth divorce. However, do they need a lawyer? The information below can help couples who want to divorce make the right decision:

When a Couple May Not Need a Lawyer

If couples work together to resolve their legal issues, they may not need the help of a divorce lawyer. These include issues on child custody of minor kids, alimony, child support, and property division. If a couple comes to terms on the major issues in their divorce, they usually ask the court to grant them a divorce in writing. This is called an uncontested divorce. But, it is always advisable that couples should at least have a lawyer look through their agreement in an uncontested divorce to ensure their rights and interests are protected. A great divorce lawyer can also ensure their agreement may be accepted by the court and that they are not overlooking any significant issues that could arise later. 

When a Couple May Need a Divorced Attorney

In some situations, hiring a divorce attorney in Sylvania makes a lot of sense. This is especially true in a contested divorce. Also, this is usually necessary if the family has abuse issues, one of the spouses thinks the other is lying about some issues, the other spouse has retained a lawyer, and the divorce involves children or complicated financial problems. 

A spouse who is fearing violence must talk to a divorce attorney. They must take out a temporary restraining order right away and take themselves and their children to a safe place. Without a temporary restraining order, the spouse who will take the kids away can be accused of kidnapping. 

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