These new enterprises are having a positive effect on the Canadian economy in many ways, including the creation of new jobs, advancements in cutting-edge research, and market-altering innovations. Applicants for the Start-up Visa program come from all over the globe, and their startup businesses reflect this diversity.

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Things To Know About Start-Up Visa

The Start-Up Visa (SUV) program in Canada provides exceptional business immigration options for entrepreneurs from throughout the world. This initiative may help the founders of successful new firms and creative businesses get permanent citizenship in Canada. Up to five company co-founders might qualify for permanent residence in Canada under this scheme.

It’s among the top three most sought-after pathways to citizenship for foreign business owners. The following criteria will help you determine whether your company is eligible for the SUV program:

  • A letter of support or investment promise from one of the approved Canadian organizations is required for foreign nationals, and each foreign person must own at least 10% of the voting stock in the company.
  • A CLB 5 in English or French is required of all applicants, and all applicants must show that they have enough money to settle in Canada ($12,960 to $34,299, depending on the size of their family).

The following are commonalities among the candidates that are selected for this program:

  • Possess substantial financial assets ($150,000+)
  • Possess highly specialized expertise or unique experience in their area
  • Possess strong management experience.
  • Own a profitable, high-revenue-generating business in their native country or a fast-growing business in a specialty market; and Speak English and/or French to an advanced level.

Here are the procedures you need to take to apply for the Canadian Startup Visa Program:

  • Get your business plan (Pitch Deck) together;
  • Collect a letter of support from the appropriate group;
  • Make an application for citizenship and a work visa;
  • Get to Canada and start managing your company;
  • Get your Canadian citizenship in only three years

The time it takes to complete an SUV order might vary according to how busy the IRCC is. According to the standards, the average time between submitting an application and receiving a response is between 12 and 17 months. Application fees, right of permanent residency charge, medical tests, police certificates, biometrics, and English language assessment exams all have associated expenses that must be accounted for.


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