Whenever a person is killed or dies due to the misconduct or negligence of another, the survivors can sue the responsible person for ‘wrongful death’. Such lawsuits get compensation for the loss of the survivor, like the lost wages of the deceased person, his funeral expenses, and lost companionship. 

A wrongful death claim can be filed whenever a person dies due to the fault of another person. Wrongful death statutes vary from one state to another and it defines who can sue you for wrongful death and whether or not there are limits that can be applied to the damages. 

What does a wrongful death attorney do?

If you decided to hire a Stockton wrongful death attorney, you should be aware of his roles and responsibilities. Here is a list of jobs that a wrongful death attorney will do on your behalf.

  • He investigates the death of your loved ones

The first task with which the wrongful death lawyer starts is investigating the cause of the death.   He will delve deeper into the case to know about everything that happened and that led to the death of the person. In case there was the involvement of a doctor,  it is important for the lawyer to get to know about his family and medical history. It is very important for the lawyer to know the actual reason behind the death of the person before he initiates any legal action.

  • He explains to you all your legal rights and responsibilities

The Attorney will make you understand all the legal rights that you enjoy in relation to the wrongful death litigation. He will explain what you can do and what steps you can take in order to seek justice. The law firm will also advocate the interest of the client and help them in finding out every little thing that happened and how it happened. The wrongful death attorney will do everything that is possible for him to sue the responsible party for the damages.

  •  He helps you get the deserved financial compensation

A wrongful death attorney will help you in seeking financial compensation for the family of the deceased.  He will explain to you that there are a few definite deadlines that you have to meet like the statute of limitations. Through this time of utter confusion,  a wrongful death attorney will stand strong by the family and fight for their rights. 

So, now that you are aware of the roles and responsibilities of a wrongful death lawyer,  what are you waiting for? Get recommendations from your friends and family and appoint a lawyer as soon as you can.

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