The social security lawyer works in an important area of ​​law: Social Security. He fights to defend people who need to receive some benefit from the government and social security disability denial. The most common cases of professional performance are when the Institute denies a request from the insured.

Another very important service provided by these professionals is Pension Planning. It is ideal for those who are already retired or already receiving a benefit and for those who want to program themselves for that moment.

When You Need A Pension Lawyer

If the insured person asks if a social security lawyer is needed, the answer will be no. Hiring a lawyer is not a requirement to apply for any INSS benefit. He alone can and manages to apply for retirement, for example. Therefore, it is important to understand when you need a pension lawyer and when you don’t. For this, the first step is to know your situation, considering the category of social security benefit you intend to apply for.

In this part, it is also recommended to go through a specialist like for example in the social security area to carry out a complete planning and analysis of the worker’s working life. It is worth remembering that there are situations in which, to be entitled to the best benefit, the retirement process must be accompanied by a specialist lawyer.

Some of these situations are:

  • Missing contributions
  • He lost his work card
  • You don’t know what documents are required to file for retirement
  • The INSS did not consider some contribution periods
  • Does not know what the new rules or transition rules for the benefit are
  • Do you have doubts about the value of the benefit and also which is the most advantageous

Worked At More Than One Job At The Same Time Or Self-Employed

You need to be aware if the worker fits into one of these topics. A social security lawyer can bring many advantages to requesting a benefit or retirement from the INSS. Check out some of them below:

Help In Finding Solutions

The social security lawyer will help find solutions for the insured person’s case. The best way to do this is through a social security consultation, where he will analyze all the documents, advise on what is missing and what should be done, perform the possible calculations and present the options that the worker has, from the least advantageous even the most beneficial. With this, it is possible to begin to see the real situation of the worker. Knowing what to do with this information, it is easier and safer to apply for retirement alone if that is the case.

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