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When forbearance measures and stimulus payment end, experts expect the surge of filing for bankruptcy. Looking at the long-term picture, many people have to file for bankruptcy more than once. However, the question is, is it possible to file bankruptcy more than once?

The good news is there is no law restricting people from filing for bankruptcy for more than one time. If you reach the point of desperation and look for a way out, you can go for bankruptcy twice, thrice, or as many times as your business is unable to survive. However, there are quite a few rules about how often a party can file the case. It is a little tricky, so check out what you need to know about the number of times you can file for bankruptcy.

How Often Can a Party File the Case?

It is your second time filing the case for bankruptcy after receiving a discharge once before you can see the specific time to file for another and receive a disclosure in your previous bankruptcy code. You can file your bankruptcy without considering the time limit if you haven’t received a discharge on your case previously. Even if you have received a discharge for your previous bankruptcy, you are eligible for filing the case twice or thrice.

The key here is the time duration. You have to wait for filing another bankruptcy lawsuit after filing the case previously and receiving a discharge. Sometimes you have to wait for a specific period to file for another bankruptcy lawsuit. If you have received a settlement for your previous bankruptcy under chapter 7, you need to wait four years before filing a case under chapter 13.

If you follow the proper procedure and do your part honestly, you can quickly refile for bankruptcy. If you’re a repeater, however, you’re in luck. Before you file the case, the first thing you need to do is to choose a qualified bankruptcy attorney in Virginia.

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