If you have been involved in a New Jersey car accident that includes a vehicle owned by a rental car, you will need to know more about when the rental car company can be liable. This is one of the kinds of car accidents that almost always necessitates that you work with a skilled car accident law firm. There are complexities to car accidents that happen when you or someone else involved in the accident are driving a rental car.

Car rental companies make an effort to be excluded from liability, and there are not many instances where the car rental company will be held liable for the accident.

When is the Rental Company Liable?

The only instance that a rental car company might be held liable for the accident that you were involved in is instances where some negligence on their part led to the accident. This might be a lack of necessary care for the vehicle that led to a brake failure or it could be incorrect headlight bulbs that blinded another driver coming toward you in your rental car.

Overall, the fault of the accident lies with the two parties who were driving at the time of the incident. The documents that are signed when someone takes possession of a loaned vehicle are very clear about this part of the contract. Due to the Graves Amendment, rental car companies are not held liable for the driving errors of people who rent their cars.

This is why it is key to seek the support of a skilled lawyer if you have been involved in an accident that you think the car rental company should be held liable for. If the car was not safe enough to drive and this was what led to the accident in question, the rental car company should be held accountable for its negligence. Taking action can help you secure the compensation that you deserve for your injuries, but it can also help to keep other customers safe in the future.

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If you have been injured in a car accident that you think the rental car company should be liable for, you need to reach out to us at the Law Office of Peter Briskin today.  We offer free case evaluation 24/7 and we can help you to secure the compensation that you deserve after your car accident.

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