If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you might be able to get compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. However, if you decide to file such a suit, you may wonder when it’s appropriate to hire a personal injury attorneys in Philadelphia, PA and how much compensation you might expect from such a case. Here are some examples of when it might be time to hire an attorney and how much money your case could net you in compensation after fees and other costs have been taken out of the amount awarded by the court.

Accidents Happen

Most people will be involved in some kind of accident at some point in their lives. While some accidents are minor and don’t require legal assistance, others can be more serious, leaving victims with expensive medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Here are four situations when it’s worth getting legal help:

  • When the other driver was clearly at fault for the accident 
  • When there is significant property damage 
  • When the victim suffered severe injuries 
  • When there is a disagreement about who should pay for damages

If the insurance company denies your claim.

If you’ve been injured in an accident and the insurance company denies your claim, you may need to hire a personal injury attorney. Here are five signs that indicate you may need legal help: 

  1. The insurance company denies your claim outright. 
  2. The insurance company only offers a low settlement. 
  3. The insurance company won’t return your calls or is slow to respond to your requests for information. 
  4. You suffered severe injuries in the accident.

To file a lawsuit

Most personal injury cases settle out of court, but sometimes filing a lawsuit is the best way to get the compensation you deserve. If you’ve been injured and are thinking about taking legal action, here are four signs that it might be time to hire a personal injury attorney – When your injuries require medical treatment. 

 When someone else’s negligence caused your injuries. 


If you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be wondering if you need to hire a personal injury attorney. The answer isn’t always clear, but there are some general guidelines you can follow. If the accident has resulted in serious injuries or property damage, if you’re having trouble getting insurance to cover your damages, or if the responsible party is denying liability, it’s probably time to seek legal help.

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