A divorce can happen if a person is experiencing abuse and violence in a marriage. A person can seek help from legal officers for the dissolution of their marriage. Although the person has the right to apply for a divorce, it can be achieved only with mutual acceptance by the couple. Additionally, there is a default divorce order that can be sent by the court if there is no response from the other partner, but that is another case that a person can keep in mind. 

Hence, If you are suffering from a disinterested marriage or mutually decided to come out of a marriage, getting in touch with Connecticut Divorce Lawyers is crucial since they will ensure that you are getting the divorce with no complications, and the case is handled smoothly.

Reasons why your divorce petition may get rejected:

  • Insufficient information

Although you may want to fight for child custody and support, you are expected to share your financial details with the case because the court will ensure that the child is secured by the right parent who can financially contribute to his education and needs. If you cannot produce enough information regarding your financial status, the divorce may get rejected, and child custody cannot be achieved. 

  • No displacement of marriage certificate

If you are going to seek a divorce, then a marriage certificate is one of the crucial documents you should attach along with the divorce petition. Additionally, all the details on the petition should match the relevant details mentioned on the marriage certificate as well. Any incorrect detail regarding the marriage information may result in the rejection of the divorce petition.

  • Lack of document attachments

You might want to end the marriage with a simple procedure. Still, there are essential documents that you are expected to attach with the divorce petition, like a notice of social security number, an affidavit of corroborating witness, and a financial affidavit. If a person fails to attach expected documents in a divorce petition, there are high chances for the divorce to get rejected quickly.

Therefore, a person must contact an experienced divorce attorney so that he will ensure that you are provided with lawful advice on how to better your divorce petition. An attorney will also ensure no complications in the case that might further impact and result in a rejection. Hence, you are advised to handle a divorce case only with an attorney.

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