Ending a marriage is never an easy decision. You may feel overwhelmed and emotionally stressed, but it’s time to take the right steps towards ensuring that the process remains as smooth as possible. It may also mean answering some hard questions and protecting your rights. It’s absolutely critical that you have legal help at your disposal. Your first meeting with a divorce attorney in Poquoson is really important, because you would be discussing basic matters of the case. In this post, we are sharing what you need to know about that meeting.

Starting With the Grounds for Divorce

Different state laws have enlisted various grounds for divorce, and your first step is to discuss each issue thoroughly and honestly with your attorney.  (irrelevant?) In case you are pressing charges of adultery, cruelty and abandonment – which are the common grounds in most cases, you have to prove your case. On your first meeting, the divorce attorney will ask these questions and would want to know your reasons of asking for the divorce in the first place.

Keep Child Custody on the Forefront

Divorces often get complicated because of child custody matters. As a parent, you would want the best for your child, but do you intend to seek legal or physical custody? What kind of support are you expecting from your spouse? What about visitation rights? To what extent would you want your spouse to stay involved in the upbringing of the child? Your answers will help the divorce attorney in figuring out the best course of action.

Share All Details Related to Assets and Debts

In Virginia, properties & assets acquired during a marriage are considered to be marital assets and will be divided accordingly, regardless of the title. The same applies for debt. Make sure that you discuss these aspects with the divorce attorney in detail. You may or may not want a few things, or may wish to have certain terms to the division. Your lawyer will help you decide all of that and more.

Discuss the Costs of the Divorce

When you visit a divorce lawyer in Newport News for the first time, the costs must be discussed. Regardless of what you eventually have to pay to the spouse, there are expenses related to the case. From filing and court expense, to the lawyer’s fee, get a fair idea of the costs involved, so that you can plan accordingly.

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