Law is an immense area; stop to imagine the number of laws and problems involving a company. So yes, it’s essential to seek a multidisciplinary lawyer. That is a lawyer who profoundly knows different situations within the law. A lawyer who advocates for companies and employees necessarily needs to have this multidisciplinary characteristic, as they need to know both universes well and find the point where they meet.

It’s Like Turning A Wrench, You Know?

Did you know that both the partner of the company (individual) and the company itself (legal entity) can suffer moral damage, and compensation for this damage can be requested in court? Of course, moral damage is subjective and therefore needs proof.

But this is an example of a strategic solution that only a lawyer who advocates for companies and employees can bring to your process. At the time of filing the defense, however, there is the possibility that the company may file a counterclaim or counterclaim. It is a request directed to the judge within the defense itself or presented in another petition.

The multidisciplinary allows the lawyer to step outside the box and worry about creating strategic and practical solutions. You can visit website to learn more.

Knowing Your Business Pains

To hire a lawyer, ask:

  • The level of knowledge of the lawyer;
  • The lawyer’s values (are they in line with your business values?)
  • If the lawyer knows the pains of your business
  • The lawyer who advocates for companies and employees knows the pains of both sides

Bonus: Hire An Expert

Think of doctors: would you have your head operated on by an orthopedist or general practitioner? Certainly not. A generalist lawyer, who does a little bit of everything, resembles a general practitioner.

Handing your case over to a generalist can be a headache. The specialist lawyer thinks about increasing the client’s financial gain and, above all, about reducing losses. So make sure the attorney is an expert in your field.

One possibility is to search Jusbrasil for the lawyer’s full name to identify the number and type of proceedings in which the lawyer works. In addition, before hiring, you can ask a lawyer if you trust them (even from another area) to research their colleague’s performance and reputation. A specialist staten island medical malpractice attorneys can provide legal support in areas that are the backbone of your business.


Reading this content, you learned about the 5 benefits of hiring a lawyer who works for companies. We explain the benefits that a multidisciplinary lawyer can bring to your business in detail. Therefore, we created this post to demystify the limiting belief that the ideal is to hire a lawyer who does not defend workers. To the best of their ability, the ethical attorney does the job they were hired to do.

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