Execution weaknesses, slowdowns, or lack of new features. Is your management tool aging, no longer meeting your needs, and preventing you from evolving? It’s time to upgrade to next-generation software that empowers you with mobility and collaboration. But how to choose? Here are 5 criteria for assessing your options and making the right decision or you can visit website.

 1: Ease Of Use

Applications for smartphones and tablets have made enormous progress for software like Software for Business Law Attorneys publishers in terms of ergonomics and ease of use. The new management solutions are, for the most part, sufficiently intuitive for their users to take charge independently, at least for their essential functions.

In the same way, your new management software must be used by all the members of your firm (partners, collaborators, and assistants) to exploit all its functionalities collectively and achieve an optimal level of productivity as quickly as possible.

2: Local Hosting Or In The Cloud?

The hosting mode partly determines the level of data security and, of course, the mobility possibilities of your teams.

Local solution (on-premise)

On-premise, your software is installed on your computers, and the processed data is stored internally on your firm’s server. You are not immune to an incident: malfunction, overheating, fire, flood, theft. Moreover, this equipment has a limited lifespan, and its replacement will one day or another have consequences in terms of cost and organization. If local hosting brings a little serenity and control, it carries risks, and the hosted data is only accessible outside the firm at the cost of heavy and restrictive configuration.

If your software is still installed on your computer (or an app on your smartphone or tablet), your data is securely hosted on external servers and accessible 24/7. A monthly or annual subscription gives you the benefit of secure hosting (of course) but also maintenance and updates as well as technical assistance. Your data remains accessible at any time and from any device, even in the event of a breakdown, loss, or theft of your computer.

On the security side, your service provider can use powerful and secure servers, operating regular and redundant backups, unlike the server you may have within the firm, which is much more vulnerable.

For even more peace of mind, prefer hosting in a French data center governed by French law. A guarantee of security and proximity will ensure compliance with European regulations on the transfer and use of data.

3: Choose Your Service Provider

The choice of your service provider is essential because he will be at your side for the installation and configuration of your software and your team’s training in its use. He will also accompany you on maintenance and assistance. In addition to being a technical expert, he must also have a perfect knowledge of the workings of law firms: composition, process, work habits, constraints, and the level of maturity of the teams about the use of new software.

Also, ensure the availability and quality of support, which you can call upon in case of doubt or difficulty. On this point, make sure that customer support is made up of legal experts.

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